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Learn about LED table lamps

Date: 2020-06-05

Almost every house will have a table lamp, especially at night. In order to avoid too bright lights and glare, people like to use table lamps, which is convenient and does not hurt their eyes. However, there are many types of table lamps on the market, and LED table lamps are currently the most popular. LED desk lamp is deeply loved by people because of its energy saving and long service life. As a business of LED table lamps, let's talk about some of the performance characteristics of LED table lamps in detail.

LED desk lamp is a desk lamp that uses LED, that is, light-emitting diode as the light source. LED is a solid semiconductor device with small size, light weight, high brightness, low energy consumption, long life, high safety, high color purity, and directionality. Good, low maintenance costs, environmental protection and no pollution. It can directly convert electricity into light.

The LED table lamp uses LED semiconductor light source. The characteristics of the semiconductor light source determine that it must work with direct current. This fundamentally eliminates stroboscopic and radiation, and the spectrum of the LED light source is also considered to be the closest to natural light. Humans spend half of their time in sunlight each day, so they have been very adapted to the sun's rays, so the closer the rays are to the sun, the more beneficial it is for our bodies.

The specific advantages of LED table lamps are as follows:

1. The direction of the light source is good, and it is illuminated as needed, which is better as an emergency table lamp.

Second, sufficient illumination to meet your general lighting needs

Three, DC power supply, good workmanship without flicker, no electromagnetic radiation

Fourth, green and environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving

5. Solid light source, resistant to mechanical vibration

6. No UV or IR

7. Long life of LED small lamp beads

The above is a detailed introduction to the LED table lamp, I hope it will be of some help to everyone. I am a manufacturer of LED table lamps, a manufacturer of led moisture-proof lamps, and an LED flat lamp manufacturer. If you want to know more information, please contact me.