What should I pay attention to when installing the LED ceiling light?

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What should I pay attention to when installing the LED ceiling light?

Date: 2020-06-04

Now almost every household is using LED lights, LED lights have been widely used by people. Because LED lamps have a series of advantages such as energy saving, long service life, and environmental protection, they have replaced traditional lamps. So do you know about LED ceiling lights? Let's take a look together.

The LED ceiling light is a new type of ceiling light designed and produced by aluminum alloy with extremely high thermal conductivity and patented structure technology, which is widely used in the field of commercial lighting. LED ceiling light is a kind of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling. It will not destroy the perfect unity of ceiling art because of the setting of lamps. Its biggest feature is that it can maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration. It has the structural advantage that the light source is used to hide the interior of the architectural decoration, and the LED light source is not exposed and does not irritate the eye skin.

So what do you need to pay attention to for the installation of LED ceiling lights, the following is a brief list:

1. Since the lighting is relatively heavy, please inform relevant engineering personnel (such as electrician) to purchase expansion bolts or lengthened reinforcement screws according to the force of ceiling hardness, and install the corresponding force screws.

2. Due to the different stress conditions of ceilings and ceiling sheds (such as ordinary wooden boards, solid wood boards, lime plaster boards, lime-coated cement, synthetic papaya suspended ceilings, etc.), some cases require the use of screws to fix the lamps.

3. LED ceiling lights are electrical products. Please install professional electrician masters with experience and relevant certificates to assist in the installation to avoid unnecessary safety accidents. Please test the power of the LED ceiling light before the fixed installation.

4. Confirm the working voltage of the lamp. Please confirm whether the working voltage of the lamp is correct before powering on the lamp. Misconnecting the voltage may cause permanent damage to the lamp.

5. Before installing the LED ceiling light, the entire circuit must be checked to avoid leakage, which may cause personal safety. Find a professional electrician to install before installation. Do not install it privately.

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